Thank You for Booking Your Photo Session


We're excited to have you! Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. If you have any other questions, you can reach us at 1300 360 445, email us at, or Facebook Message us.

Is there a benefit for booking my photo session in advance?
Congratulations! As a member of the GFP Babies family, not only will you have priority at the hospital for your photo session, you are now eligible to enjoy the benefits of GFP Babies Curated, a members-only program with exclusive discounts, products, and giveaways. Bookmark this members-only page to see the latest offers!

How long does the photography session take?
The session takes approximately 30 minutes.  

How many photos are taken during a typical photo session?
Our photographers will take up to 30 images during your session.

How does the photography shoot work?
The GFP Babies photographer comes to you and conducts the photography session in your hospital room – so it’s very convenient and you view the images straight away. 

If my bub comes before due date or after, how do I let you know?
Feel free to let us know by calling us at 1300 360 445. 

How do I view my photos?
Images are viewed with the photographer straight after the sitting. The images are also uploaded to our secure web gallery instantly, and can be viewed online at any time. Your personal photo login is sent to you by email and SMS.  You can share this login with members of your family or friends, so they can view your new arrival too.
How can I buy my photos?
We offer two purchasing options:
1) Purchasing on the day. This option is very convenient.  After your sitting, view your images, choose your package design and the photographer will place the order for you.  Purchasing on the day provides some great discounts.
(2) Purchasing at home. Simply go online at your convenience to view and purchase prints.
Can I purchase on the day and view photos online?
Yes. Baby’s images will be available online so you can share the images with family and friends and make any additional purchases.
Does my baby need special clothing?
We provide embroidered blankets and back drops, so baby’s clothing choice is up to you.  If you have a special outfit or one of those adorable beanies – we’re happy to use them. 
Can you take a photo of the family as well as my baby?
Yes.  We do beautiful mum & bub photographs and if dad is visiting or siblings, we will happily capture them too.  

What happens if I give birth earlier or later than my expected due date?
We will reach out to you by text message 10 days before your due date with the contact information for your session. Alternatively, you can contact us at 1300 360 445 or if your delivery date changes.


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