Which hospitals can I get photographs taken at?

GFP Babies photographers are located in over 50 hospitals throughout Australia. To check whether your hospital is one of them, you can view the list.


How do I contact the photographer at the hospital?

  • Our photographer visits the hospital several times each week and calls on mothers regularly, typically between 9AM-3PM; or
  • You can leave a message with the Ward Clerk; or
  • You can phone 1300 360 445 and request the photographer contact you in hospital.


How long does the photography session take?

The session takes approximately 30 minutes. 


How does the photography shoot work?

The GFP Babies photographer comes to you and conducts the photography session in your hospital room – so it’s very convenient and you view the images straight away.  


How many photos are taken during a typical photo session?

Our photographers will take up to 30 images during your session.


How do I view my photos?

Images are viewed with the photographer straight after the sitting.  The images are also uploaded to our secure web gallery instantly, and can be viewed online at any time. 

Your personal photo login is sent to you by email and SMS.  You can share this login with members of your family or friends, so they can view your new arrival too.


How can I buy my photos?

We offer two purchasing options:

  • Purchasing on the day. This option is very convenient.  After your sitting, view your images, choose your package design and the photographer will place the order for you.  Purchasing on the day provides some great discounts.
  • Purchasing at home. Simply go online at your convenience to view and purchase prints.


Can I choose both options – purchase on the day and view photos online?

Yes. Baby’s images will be available online so you can share the images with family and friends and make any additional purchases.


Does my baby need special clothing?

We provide embroidered blankets and back drops, so baby’s clothing choice is up to you.  If you have a special outfit or one of those adorable beanies – we’re happy to use them. 


Can you take a photo of the family as well as my baby?

Yes.  We do beautiful mum & bub photographs and if dad is visiting or siblings, we will happily capture them too.    


What happens if I give birth earlier or later than my expected due date?

We will reach out to you by text message 10 days before your due date with the contact information for your session. Alternatively, you can contact us at 1300 360 445 or info@gfp.com.au if your delivery date changes.


What is my photo login code?

Photo login codes are personal identification numbers with 7 digits (example 4BRT22R). You will receive your login code by email and SMS.


I have lost my login code.

You can retrieve your login online – simply click ‘Retrieve my login’ and fill in the details.  Your login will be emailed to you.


I have my photo login but my baby’s photos are not online.

As soon as your baby’s photos are online you will receive an SMS and an email advising you that your photos are ready to be viewed.  Images are usually uploaded instantly.


Does the prices include GST?

Yes, prices include GST. 


How do I know if my order was placed successfully?

The photographer provides a receipt to you for photos ordered in hospital.  For orders placed online, a web receipt is automatically emailed to you detailing your order and the amount paid. 


How long before I receive my photos?

Your photos will be dispatched to your home in 7-10 working days of your order being placed. 


How will I receive my photos?

Australia Post will deliver your photos.


I purchased a package at the hospital and would like more prints – how do I order them?

Simply use the photo login that was emailed to you and you can view and purchase photos online. 


What sort of packages do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of packages, individual prints and framed prints.  You can view list of packages.


Can I just purchase soft copy downloads of images?

Image downloads can be purchased online only. 

We also provide photo packages that include all downloads and represent great value for money, so you might want to check them out on the website.


Can I email, photocopy or scan my photos?

Only if you have purchased downloads as copyright of the images belongs to the Company.  This is the standard with all professional photography and infringing these laws is viewed very seriously.


When I order downloads, can I print photos anywhere?

Yes, the copyright of the images now belongs to you and you can print them at any photo processing venue, scan, email or photocopy them.


How long do you keep baby’s images online for?

Images are kept online for 3 months (sometimes longer – depending on server space).  Images are stored offline for longer, however a fee of $30 is required to reinstate images to the web.


Can I order more photos or another complete package?

Yes, simply visit shop.gfpbabies.com.au or phone 1300 360 445 to place and pay for your order.


How can I pay for my photos?

There are several options that you can choose

  • Eftpos or credit card online
  • Eftpos or credit card at the hospital when you have your photos taken
  • BPay;
  • Afterpay;