8 Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

8 Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties are the latest craze. And it makes sense: that climactic moment when the great secret is revealed is bound to be the most exciting and memorable of any gathering.

And if you don’t want to throw a huge party, that’s ok too. Some gender reveal ideas are perfect for low-key announcements to family and friends, or for a fun way to reveal the baby’s gender at home to siblings-to-be.

So if you’re looking for a creative and enjoyable way to do a gender reveal, read on: because here are eight of the best.

  1. Piñata gender reveal
    The piñata has so much going for it. It has a long and rich history, used by different cultures for good luck and celebration. It builds suspense because you never know how long it will take to crack. Oh, and most of all… it’s fun!

    As a gender-reveal idea the piñata is simple. Fill a papier-mâché or cloth container with candy or confetti (you can even buy them pre-made) and get either parents, siblings, or guests to take turns hitting it until it bursts open and spills its secret to the gasping crowd.
  2. The cake gender reveal
    This one is perfect if you want everyone to stay in the dark about the gender until the very moment of the reveal. Why? Because the parents can take the ultrasound in a sealed envelope directly to a bakery and have the cake specially made (get the ultrasound tech to write the gender on the back of the scan and seal it up without saying anything). Not even a friend or family member has to know.

    The trick of the cake is a blue or pink centre (edible, of course) that reveals its delicious secrets when the first slice is cut. You can also let all the guests in on the reveal by getting a batch of centre-filled cupcakes instead.

    By the way — points all round for cakes, because your gender reveal also doubles as dessert.
  3. Gender reveal pictures
    Do you have to have a party to do a gender reveal? No!

    Here’s a gender reveal idea that can be done with minimal cost and effort, and is great for revealing gender to friends and family from afar. Take a creative family photo and either print it and send it around, or simply post it on social media for the world to share in your excitement.

    Some picture ideas might be:
    - The expecting parents holding pink or blue baby booties, onesies, or balloons
    - The family holding up a sign that reveals the gender
    - If you don’t want to jump in the photo yourself, a flat lay of pink / blue baby objects
    - The mother-to-be’s baby bump painted pink or blue or with writing revealing the gender
    Or just get totally creative and create your own!
  4. Party popper gender reveal
    You can buy party poppers online that are specifically made for gender reveals. So it’s one of the easiest gender reveal ideas to organise and execute (aside from the glittery mess at the end, but hey, that’s all part of the fun!) Party poppers are also a fun way to get every guest at a gender reveal party in on the action. Simply hand everyone a popper, count down, and then let the rain of colourful confetti do all the talking.
  5. Outfit unwrapping gender reveal
    Here’s an idea for those wanting something a bit more subtle. Go to a store and pick out two cute baby outfits — one for a boy and one for a girl. Hand the sales assistant the envelope with your ultrasound (no peeking!) and ask them to box up the outfit that matches the gender written inside. At the gender reveal gathering, open the parcel (slowly for dramatic effect!) and then hold up the clothing to make the great reveal.
  6. Treasure hunt gender reveal
    Kids love a treasure hunt. And by kids we also mean us adults (don’t try and deny it). You don’t need much to bring this gender reveal idea to life: just a little bit of creativity and some clues written on pieces of paper will do it. Hide the clues around the party venue in such a way that one leads to the next until, finally, the last one divulges the grand secret.

    This idea is perfect for letting siblings know the gender of their new brother or sister, and is a great one for if you don’t want to have a big party — simply make it a fun weekend activity with the kids at home.
  7. Scratch-off cards gender reveal
    Want to gamify your gender reveal? There are plenty of places online to buy scratch-off cards (Etsy, for example, has plenty) that you can send or hand around to friends and family. It’s like playing the lottery, only there’s no cash prizes at the end (an adorable new family member to dote on is a pretty good prize though). Take a coin and scratch off the card to reveal whether the baby is a boy or girl.
  8. Powder bomb gender reveal
    This is another highly popular gender reveal idea — and with good reason. Powder bombs or powder balls burst open when they hit the ground, sending a cloud of bright pink or blue powder into the air. It’s like a gender reveal party meets Indian Holi festival happening right in your backyard. The best part about powder bombs is that the cloud effect looks incredible in photos and videos — so you not only get the excitement of knowing the baby’s gender, you get to win the internet as well.

Finding out the gender of your new baby is a big deal, so why not celebrate it in a fun way and share in the excitement with your loved ones? Before you know it your little bundle will be in your arms, so you have to make the most of every step of the process.

Since those last weeks after finding out the gender can fly by, don’t forget to book in your complimentary newborn photo session now. Those precious first moments with your new baby are the kind you’ll want to capture and keep forever.