Write To Me: 2018 My Organised Chaos Planner Mustard

Write To Me

2018 My Organised Chaos Planner

Life is chaotic and at times overwhelming. There is always so much to do and so much to remember. It has been researched that handwriting is therapeutic and can reduce stress. It is so powerful. Every year we design our brand of calendars, planners and list makers to help keep the chaos in order.

Our planners are covered in linen with embossed titles and come in matching linen 2018 boxes. They are designed for people to split their planning in two parts. Research shows that most people have two main areas of their lives that need planning.

There are endless examples of these including:
• work & social • work & family • work & studies
• work & mother • mother & family
• life admin & work • business planning & lists

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